Eastern Cape T4 Tournament


21 Apr 12 - 22 Apr 12

We had a very good field with 20 teams participating from East London, PE, Grahamstown, Cradock, Bedford, Kenton and Port Alfred.

We played a Swiss movement over 3 sessions playing 3 rounds per session with 8 boards a round.

The teams from PE dominated the tournament, but how do you compete against them when two of their teams, without cue bidding bid and make 6 Spades with 3 Aces missing! Luckily for my partner one of the three aces he held was the Ace of trumps else he may not have made a trick at all !

Using Bridgemates to do the scoring really made our life easy, it also enabled us to have all the hands bidding etc on Port Alfred Bridge Clubs website. We did received many favourable comments from most participants

Final ranking of all the teams